Shipping information


    Shipping within Germany: €7.00 (free shipping from €149,99)
    Shipping within the EU: €18.00
    Shipping of small items within the EU as registered mail: €10.00
    Shipping to Switzerland and Great Britain: €35.00 (German sales tax will be deducted by us)
    Shipping to the USA: €40.00 (German sales tax will be deducted by us)

When ordering items that can be delivered, please allow for a shipping time of around one week from receipt of payment, depending on the workload. Orders are possible from a value of €19.99.

We are a relatively small company without a lot of warehouse logistics and automation. We are also dependent on our shipping service providers, so it can sometimes take a little longer.

If many orders have to be processed promptly, online orders with a higher order value enjoy our attention.

Smaller orders will unfortunately have to wait in this case. Manually placed orders by email and letter, not via our shop system, may also take longer because they have to be processed manually.

There is also a high risk that these orders will be overlooked or even end up in the spam folder. An automatic confirmation of receipt is also not possible.

Inquiries about delivery dates do not speed up the delivery, all the data we have about delivery dates are in the item description. If there is nothing there, we cannot verify a delivery date.

All items that can be ordered can be found in our online shop, we do not have any other items (no, really not), so there is no need to ask about them.

Please also note our minimum order values:

    Germany: €19.99
    EU: €19.99
    Switzerland: €49.99
    US: 49.99
    Registered mail EU: 29.00€, plus checking of packaging dimensions and weight.

You can pay for your order by bank transfer in advance (Iban, BIC) or by PayPal.
Credit card payments are possible via the PayPal invoice.
In both cases you will receive an automatic confirmation from us that we have received your order. When your order is ready for dispatch, we will email you an invoice in the format you require. This can take a few days, even for items that can be delivered.

The acceptance of the order takes place in principle with the delivery.

In the case of new items, you will, of course, only receive your invoice after they appear without any risk. You do not have to pay for anything that is not in stock.

Your order will normally be sent in full, for individual deliveries we will charge the postage extra. Please let us know if you would like individual deliveries. It usually makes more sense to bundle items that are already available in one order, as well as any new items that may not yet be available. When ordering items with different delivery dates, there is always a risk that some items will no longer be in stock if items from your order that will be delivered later have arrived. We cannot reserve models for months or, unfortunately, sometimes for years.

Our goods availability signals provide an initial overview, they are adjusted manually, but unfortunately there may be overlaps with sales.

Direct payment via PayPal is not possible with us, since PayPal cannot distinguish between deliverable and non-deliverable items, and you would otherwise have to pay for non-deliverable items.

You will therefore receive an invoice from us via the PayPal system, which you can conveniently pay via PayPal.