Vecchio Viaduct 1:87

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Ornate laser cut kit for the legendary Vecchio viaduct on the Mediterranean island of Corsica. The original was designed by famous designer Gustav Eiffel (Eiffel Tower). Suitable for model railway systems of the tracks H0e, H0m and H0. Fine filigree design of the Fachwerkonstruktion. Incl. Road bridge.


 Length of the complete kit: about 185cm

Span of the truss bridge between the heads: 115cm

Span of the bridge means: about 37cm (31cm at the Outer)

Height of the roadway route: approx 58,5cm

High altitude road route: about 18.5cm

The kit can be built lower and shorter, plus the laser-cut cardboard pieces are cut. This is simply

with a sharp craft knife or a small saw. The bridgehead viaducts for Einmodellieren in the landscape

constructed. The bow height is about 18cm.


Hinweis nach EU-Spielzeugrichtlinie 2009/48/EC:
Kein Kinderspielzeug, geeignet für Modellbauer ab 14 Jahren.
Unsere Artikel enthalten bauartbedingt verschluckbare Kleinteile sowie scharfe Kanten und Grate.
Nicht geeignet für Kinder unter drei Jahren.
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